Saturday, July 4, 2015

Shimmering Stars & Stripes - card for ImagineCrafts.

Happy 4th July to all my American friends and family...wish i was there! I am up on the Imagine Crafts blog today with this card using their amazing products
so hop on over here to see how i got this amazing effect and see all the other projects too!
Enjoy the celebrations - be free and brave!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rainbow art journaling page.

I often create pages, well really experiments using inks and other mediums, I guess you can say they are art journaling pages but just not in an art journal.
So the other day when I was given a really nice journaling from a paper company, i started adding my art pages to it – and i love how all my experiments are
now housed in one convenient place. So today i had this idea of playing with the rainbow and created this page using Chiswick’s range of Dye ink pads.

 I love how the colours turned out so much – and realised that at heart I just really love colour!
art journaling 2

So here’s how i did it…
step 1 – Grab a piece of technique or watercolour cardstock. Lightly mist the entire sheet with water
 step 2 – Use 5 colours of ink pads and press the ink pads directly onto the wet misted cardstock.
I started with the lightest colour first and then went darker and darker. This way I avoided contaminating my light coloured ink pads.
 step 3 – One you added all the ink colours, lightly mist the inked cardstock with water again.
step 4 – Tilt the cardstock around to make the ink spread and flow to created interesting lines and effects. The water will make the overlap ink colours mix together to create a whole new colours and loads of interest.
I just simply picked 5 colours that i likes and experimented with the outcome – once the ink was dry it created a lovely pastel coloured background. I then added some stenciling using black paint mixed into texture paste.
Once everything was dry I added some decorative elements and adhered it into my journal.
For the left hand side of my journal I used a die-cut from my Silhouette machine, stamped wording and some scraps from my background I created cut into small decorative squares.
Loving the colour and detail using a few ink pads, stencils and paint!
  I hope your day is a really colourful one! For a full list of products used and to view more head on over to the website
Dye Ink Pad Display – 27pcs ( 9 colours ) rs3370
Dye Ink Pad- Red rs3291
Dye Ink Pad – Purple rs3298
Dye Ink Pad – Blue rs3297
Dye Ink Pad – Grass Green rs3296

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Couture Creations 2 Way Glue – A Sticky Affair!

Are you always getting stuck looking for a really amazing adhesive? Well we have some amazing news for you. Today we are introducing the new Couture Creations 2 Way Glue pens – giving you twice the solution to sticky messes.

I tested the glue pens on a quick tag I made using some of my favourite products from The Wholesaler. I used the larger pen tip as a wet permanent bond glue for my larger elements and matts, and then the smaller pen for my fussy cut elements that I wanted to be repositionable. Both options that I like having in my bag of tricks.
Step 1 - Cut out images from printed paper, journaling cards or use photos for your project.
step 2 - Use the large 2 Way glue pen for the large pieces you are adhering. TIP: To start off using the glue pens, you need to push the pen tip in several times to activate the glue. The pen tip will become white as the glue seeps into the nib.
 step 3 - The large pen tip is perfect for adding adhesive to larger pieces like photos, journaling cards and other flat elements. The large tip spreads the glue evenly in a thin layer.
step 4 - Add glue to the postcard element using the large 2 way glue pen.
step 5 - TIP: I used this glue wet. Adhere the element to brown cardstock while the adhesive is still wet for a permanent hold.
step 6 - Use the smaller 2 way glue pen with the small nib for smaller cut out elements for detailed work.
step 7 - Add glue to the cut out elements using the glue pen and set them aside to dry first.
 Once the glue is dry adhere the elements to your decorated tag – I can move the elements around until I am happy and then leave them in position to dry for a permanent hold.
TIP: The 2 way glue is really great for people who battle using very wet adhesives. It enables you to let the glue dry first before committing to placement on your project, and lets you move things around for that perfect fit. Giving you time to adjust certain elements will take the stress out of getting things stuck.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gold woven card using the Xyron.

Hi everyone - my apologies for being missing in action for a few days!I can hardly believe that I haven't blogged for so long, life has been a bit hectic and well emotional. I have gone on a journey of soul searching - mine and yours!
Questioning humanity and the meaning of all things worldly - have we lost the plot totally?
anyways - onto some prettiness...
I am on the Chiswick blog today with a beautiful gold glitter woven card using
the Xyron Creative Station.
I am just loving my Xyron at the moment - it's just so quick and easy!
Recently we also celebrated Father's day - well mine has been in heaven for 29 years now.
Wow how time has flown by - and it almost seems surreal - as if I totally skipped a couple of years in reality. But, instead life has gone on and I made this cute little card using some amazing products by The Wholesaler, Imagine Crafts and Tsukineko.

So if you missed this post on the Imagine Crafts Blog then head on over here to see the wonderful products I used head on here  
I promise not to disappear again for a while at least - and thank you for hanging out and popping in! Without you guys visiting there would be no creative purpose apart from enjoying it myself and keeping me sane! Go and be creative!